Saturday, November 25, 2006

Imaginary Text

The Archeology Project is coming along beautifully. I've never stopped working on it even while
concentrating on the Elements of Architecture Series or the Life Everlasting Series or the Growth Series. Earlier, when first embarking on the Archeology Project, I wrote that this was a series on which I could spend a lifetime. This becomes truer with each passing month. The work just seems to weave in and out of everything else I am doing. The ideas flow more quickly than the pace of the work. I love this project. I love combining little scraps into interesting "relic-like" objects. I love the imagination of an invented civilization. Instead of tossing the discarded pages from an old turn-of-the-last century book, I covered them in watercolor and a section of black acrylic paint. I used metallic and neon oil pastels in cryptic symbols (sort of like that shorthand I tried to learn in eleventh grade) and reapplied more watercolor. There are dozens of these pages. It is a perfect thing to do with the sheets removed from a book to be altered. I've made mysterious notes that celebrate the beauty of text, even nonsensical text!

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