Sunday, November 12, 2006

A Mouse is the Mother of Two Rats!

I forgot to mention that Mathias wrote and called. Birmingham Royal Ballet has been back in their hometown for the past week and is working hard to prepare for the upcoming holiday extravaganza, Nutcracker. Mathias has several parts, as do all good male members of the corps! He is a soldier/cadet; a rat; a "cover" for Russian; other "corps" parts; and second cast for Spanish.

I was most thrilled to learn about the "rat" role. Mathias will be one of six rats in every performance. What is thrilling about this is that Alex is also a rat in the local, civic show here in Columbia. That means that I am the mother of two rats! Imagine, me, owner and head of Mouse House, the HEAD MOUSE....well, I'm a mouse-mother of rats! It's obviously in the bloodlines! Both rat-sons laughed about this!

Steve will be headed to Birmingham in two weeks to see the show. I wish I could go too but it is just not possible. However, both of us will visit in February during a week when we can see two different performances. This should be wonderful!

One more thing, Mathias is trying to figure out a way to purchase the Ohio State vs. Michigan game next Saturday. If anyone reading this knows how this might be possible, please leave a comment!

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