Tuesday, November 21, 2006

The Piece I stitched during the Ohio State game

Furiously I stitched all the handwork on this piece during the very exciting Ohio State vs. Michigan football game last Saturday. I did the free-motion machine embroidery on Sunday and framed it on Monday. Never have I completed one from this series so quickly! The image is an impression of Notre Dame in Paris. I created backgrounds for another sixteen and have started one of these. It isn't progressing quite so fast but I am inspired!

My other creative work has been sheets of invented text on painted text pages. This is for the archeology project. I've also started to prepare two books for the African images. One is called Black God and the other has a title something like A New Song in a Strange Land. Both are novels of early to mid-20th c. people living in Africa. Both include endpapers with African patterns and imagery. I've removed half the pages in order to alter the books without them becoming "fat" with all the additions.

The removed pages of one will become more imaginary text or made-up symbols using metallic oil pastels and watercolor. Those pages removed from Black God will become individual pieces. I am still contrast and color correcting and Photoshoping the pictures. This will be a good thing to complete when I'm stuck at Mouse House next week. Steve will be in Birmingham visiting Mathias.

Oh, Mathias called. He's dancing Spanish more often than any other dancer and quite happy about this. I told him, though, that I want a picture of him as a rat!

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