Friday, November 10, 2006

Tuesday was Election Day!

Yes, this past week was busy. I wrote about it on the previous post but forgot entirely about Tuesday. It was Election Day. Both Steve and I voted. Alex and his girlfriend were out of school and spent much of their time constructing the tree for next Friday's black tie gala charity event called Festival of Trees, benefitting Children's Hospital. Alex's tree is called "A Gift for Dad". It was made using three pieces of over-sized Foamcore, green and brown spray paint, an extra-large round mailing tube (trunk) and over 200 men's ties. It will be delivered on Sunday to the State Museum.

Also, Alex finished and uploaded the mini-video on my recent artist book The Extinct Language Book. It can be viewed on MySpace: While there, click over to Mathias' newly reconstructed (sans Sasha) MySpace. It isn't hard to spot. He's using the Hunter Photo.


Anonymous said...

Hey Sue...I went to the link you provided and all the headers, descriptions, site links etc. were in German!! Pretty Strange. I DID notice, Susan, that the kids all have, like hundreds of "friends". You have 12....maybe you need cool music like they have. I could send you some! You could have a really cool mix like Mozart, then Grateful Dead, then Beethoven, then ACDC, after that a little Bach followed by some Pantera!!! That would be really cool! ha ha ha I would be your friend but I can't figure out how. In fact, I've written this comment now 3 times trying to just get that done!! I am keeping a journal of my rock tumbling (yes, I got a tumbler and have started developing this hobby, after a, oh, say, 30+ year pause!!) and thought that I could blog that but then I thought who in the world would want to read it and I wouldn't have ANY friends!! ha ha Things going okay here. Working too much. Dreading the holidays. Hope you guys are doing well.

Anonymous said...

Oh...P.S. Abby just loved the music to the Extinct Language Book!! She just sat right in front of the computer and stared at it! After it was over, she jumped down and started meowing.

Anonymous said...

Oh...another I REALLY supposed to be writing stuff on on your blog like this or is it for real people to comment on your art etc. I just don't know