Wednesday, December 20, 2006

"Buildings in Stitches" is on its way to Ironstone Vineyards

I've been worried about the show in California but finally was able to speak with Chris Gomez at Ironstone Vineyards. Everything is now already. Although I don't actually have a contract, both Steve and I feel confident that this is going to be more than a good's going to be absolutely GREAT!

So, today I boxed up nineteen of the twenty-two pieces in the "Elements of Architecture" series. (Three have been sold--two at the Sumter Museum of Art and the other in its gift shop!) I also sent Fantasy City, the largest piece of handwork I've ever made. I sent Elements Quilt, a silk painted and free motion quilted wall hanging; Forgotten Past, two deconstructed oil painting that I free motioned together; and City Street, a piece done similarly to the "Elements" series. Alex helped me drop the shipping packages off at FedEx Ground.
It is really exciting thinking about a show on the other side of the country. Ironstone Vineyards has a remarkable website. My artwork is suppose to hang in their gallery/jewelry shop.
This is suppose to be a link to a 360 degree virtual tour of the gallery/shop:

These are just four of the pieces in the "Elements of Architecture" Series. I will be continuing to create more of these even in the coming weeks. I have already created the designs for about a dozen more. Hand stitching in the van is always the best way to travel!
After I finish all the hand stitching, I place a sheer chiffon scarf over the work and then free motion machine embroider into it heavily. I really love making these. They are all framed exactly alike, mounted on a silk board with a matching silk liner to hold the glass (or plexi-glass, when traveling!) away from the work. If that explanation isn't clear, try this: I put the glass between the liner and the frame! Anyway, they look very nice. I can't wait to see them in Ironstone's impressive setting. There are suppose to be inviting clients, hosting a receptions, etc.
Tomorrow we leave Columbia in the mid-afternoon. We are traveling in the comfort of the utility van! Believe me, this is much nicer than trying to cram all of us and luggage and Christmas gifts into the Scion. The three of us could manage, but we are picking Mathias up at Dulles Airport on Saturday! That means I've got a whole day in Washington, DC! I plan on seeing the Cornell show at the American Museum and the Book Art show at the National Museum of Women in the Arts!

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