Saturday, December 30, 2006

Christmas in Slippery Rock

We haven't had Christmas in Slippery Rock for ages! I guess that the Kirov Academy of Ballet dictated out holidays for the past six years. My parents would come to DC just like us. We'd celebrate then because making the trip north was just too inconvenient. This year, the first in six, we had the luxury to choose our Christmas plans. We selected VERY WELL!

The meal was absolutely grand. Of course, we really don't know when it started and I'm not sure if it ever ended either. There was enough food to feed a small army. Friends continued to bring even more. We had three bottles of Gluhwein to wash down the nut bread, fudge, cookies, chips, veggies, cheese, pears, oranges, candy canes, etc. etc. etc.

Mathis was selected to carve the turkey. Everyone seemed to have ideas as to how this task ought to be done. However, none of the suggestions made an impact. The "bird" was so perfect that it simply fell apart with the slightest pressure from a fork!
My sister Wanda sent a very special gift to Mathias. She started an afghan for him upon his birth. My mother helped her finally finish the thing in time for Christmas--eighteen years later. He is quite thankful. England is cold and he can really use it. We all roared with laughter at the story, however!

My sister Sonya and Vipin bought new lampshades for my parents. I think the old ones have been around for at least two decades. The change was amazing....."Let there be LIGHT"! We had no snow but still got to enjoy the many birds and squirrels that come to the back door. The weather was so warm that the boys took the motor-controlled boats out for a spin. (These were a gift from my sister Wanda to my Dad). In the mornings, we enjoyed the hot tub. In the evenings, we enjoyed games of Cranium, dominoes, darts, and pool.


Anonymous said...

The boats look great - how did they go??? What an incredible gift idea... must have got it from a younger sister?!?!

Anonymous said...

The expression on Matthias' face while cutting the turkey is priceless!

Anonymous said...

Reinhard and I enjoyed looking at each and every picture!! It sure makes me homesick! Thank you thank you thank you for posting them!

Anonymous said...

Can I get a hardcopy of the picture of Grandma, Mom, Sonya and you?????