Friday, December 01, 2006


The floor has been swept, mats have been cut, and I have even cooked a meal (yuck!) Alex and I also cleaned the aquarium and replaced the old pump/filter. The shrink wrap system blew its transformer and has been sent to St. Louis for repairs. I have to go to Charleston on Saturday to restock Terrace Oaks Antique mall with our merchandise. This is usually studio time. I haven't actually worked on my African pieces or spent much time in the studio. I did try to change the images on the Vista Gallery website but the software is now past a 40 day trial. I don't know how to access it, license it, or even purchase it. Eileen Blyth is suppose to come and help. I'm frustrated running Mouse House. I'm so much more "whole" when Steve is here.

I heard from Mathias and Steve. They are doing well. Steve said that Nutcracker was fabulous. Mathias bet Steve five pounds that he couldn't tell which of the six rats was him. Steve was fairly sure he could but lost the bet. There are mechanical mice, wonderful sets, and beautiful costumes. Steve will see yet another performance. I hope he tells me a bit more. I hope he gets the photograph of my other "rat" son!

Yesterday, I did get by I. Pinckney Simons gallery before it closed. This is where Janet Kozachek and my show will be held during January. Unfortunately, there is no dedicated space for the work. Yet, the place is quite impressive and the layout certainly suggests that well appointed homes are those filled with original art. Janet's Tango inspired work looks great in the setting. Yet, if I didn't know that was a special exhibit for the month, I would really just think the gallery was featuring this one artist. It doesn't really matter though. I'm not expecting anything. I've just really enjoyed creating the work and plan on continuing the project long after January.

Mentioning this work, I wrote once that my goal was to create a certain quantity of artwork to fill the vintage suitcases I bought at Terrace Oaks. I wrote the number on September 4:
90 textiles
180 paper pieces
6 altered/artist books
72 3-D misc. “things”

It is now nearly three months later and I just counted for the first time since then:
71 textiles
125 paper pieces
4 altered/artist books
125 3-D misc. "things" (which are the spools and the nuts and bolts)

Sure, I've been working on all sorts of other things during this time frame, but I just might make the goal--with one exception: only five books. I've got to ship the show to Ironstone Vineyards before December 22. That's only three weeks from now. I'm almost ready for that too. Of course, I have the other work for my show with Janet finished. I have four identically framed "fragments", my "ravelings", two other fragments, and the six framed calligraphy pieces plus the ones shrink wrapped before the system went down.

I've got to get out of this rut! I can't dwell on being stuck at Mouse House and having to go to Charleston on Saturday! I need to get more work done!

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