Friday, December 08, 2006

Getting Ready for Two Shows

I finished Elements of Architecture XXI (pictured) for the show at Ironstone Vineyards in California. Since three have been sold from the series, I have eighteen to be sent. They are all nicely framed with plexi-glass, ready to make the trip. I plan on shipping them by late next week.
Part of me is nervous, thinking I need more work. Yet, I will also be sending a few other, earlier architecturally based embroideries. Part of me is nervous because I really only have scant email correspondence with the vineyard, no formal contract and no provided funds for shipping. I have an airline ticket (again, my expense) to go to a reception that, as far as I know, has no set date. The arrangements are just not as "professional" as I'd like them to be.
I've been pushing these fears to the back of my mind. No matter what, I'm now going to California. I will find a way to make this an artistic adventure. Steve purchased a ticket to San Francisco Ballet's The Sleeping Beauty on my last day there. Hopefully, I will see Joseph Phillips dance. His mother Linda gave us advice on which seats to buy.
The other piece pictured here is Oriental Fragment. It is headed to the Archeology Project at I. Pinckney Simon's gallery in January. I really had no intention of making this my "stand-out" piece, but Steve found some exquisite, real silver moulding in the garage. It was leftover from a job framing one of Linda Fantuzzo's oils. There was just enough to go around the piece. Although it looks perfect, it is a bit "heroic" in scale. So, I choose this image to accompany the press release/article. I also picked Calligraphy VI, the one with the dragons. Indian Dancer, one of our collaborations was another image. Janet selected her images. Yesterday, I sent the article and all five pictures to Carolina Arts, the Vista Guild website administrator, and posted things on the Columbia Record, an online local newspaper site. It takes up to 24 hours for postings to appear on the Columbia Record. I will check later today.
I am getting worried about the presentation of my Archeology Project. I. Pinckney Simon's Gallery doesn't have a dedicated area for exhibitions. Is there going to be a place for it? Will it be seen? Will it carry off my intentions? Who knows? I've been telling myself not to worry. The act of creating the work really has been much more important to me than this show! I've always planned to continue the project beyond January, to make the work into a total installation. I've envisioned a museum setting. That really is where this belongs and ought to be seen. So, why am I so worried? I guess it is just the pressure of getting ready for two shows at once.
Today I plan to set up the Archeology Project in my studio or somewhere that will permit me to adequately photograph it! It did look quite nice yesterday in Dunn's Chapel. Even if it doesn't end up in the gallery, I've got my other work. I've got five pieces framed from the calligraphy series, a set of four identically framed "Fragments", Oriental Fragment, another "Fragment" (can't remember the numeral!), and the matted/shrink-wrapped pieces from the calligraphy project. I'm not really even represented by the gallery, only Janet is! I shouldn't be worried; I just am!

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