Saturday, December 30, 2006

The Grandchildren!

All my parents really seemed to want for Christmas was a picture of their five grandchildren. Time is running out, or so it seems. Mathias has graduated. We were all fortunate that Birmingham Royal Ballet's season permitted time off for Christmas. Many major ballet company's work through the New Year with Nutcracker. This coming spring, Vincent will graduate. It won't be long until such a photo won't be possible. It won't be long until spouses will join the scene. Time just flies by!
Anyway, my mother thought about hiring the local professional photographer to take the shot. Yet, the Papley kids weren't around on Christmas day and their return plans weren't set in stone. So, I volunteered to take the picture. I brought my tripod and SLR camera. I took a roll of 36 pictures. It was cold. The boys were only wearing the green Slippery Rock sweat shirts that were among the Christmas gifts from my parents. They were all shivering. Then I insisted on about fifteen digital images. These are but two of them.
On Tuesday a contact sheet should be ready at Columbia Photo. As long as I get just one good shot, I'll be able to order duplicates and frame them. Basically, I'm counting on this! The results are to be my gift to my family members--late but Christmas gifts just the same!


Anonymous said...

Gotta LOVE the Dingman family portrait at Dingbats! And WOW what a fabulously beautiful family!!!!

Anonymous said...

Are you a professional photographer? Fantastic!!!

Anonymous said...

I love you blog. Hope your knees are OK!