Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Steve returns from England

Steve's flight was over a half hour late getting into the Columbia airport, but he arrived safely which is really my only concern. We went back to Longhorn's for another steak dinner and to talk about the trip.
I didn't get my "rat" photo but one is promised. Steve talked in detail about Birmingham Royal Ballet's large stage, its mechanical rats, the heavenly swan that soars overhead bringing Clara to the stage (dream sequence), the fabulous dancing, how great Mathias looked, and about a nutcracker toy that is wired to "magically" come back together after Fritz has broken it. The live music was wonderful, a treat we rarely get here in Columbia. The printed program is gorgeous. It includes a past image of rats. Now I REALLY, REALLY, REALLY want a photo of Mathias in one of these costumes!
Later in the evening, Alex gave me a MySpace lesson. I've had a MySpace for months and months. Alex created it for me. He has posted mini-videos of my altered and artist books and of Blues Chapel on it. He dreamed up the login information including the password. He probably told me about it, but I forgot. Recently, Tom Ogburn sent me a message announcing his MySpace but I couldn't click onto it because I wasn't "signed in". Of course, I didn't know how to sign in, send a message, accept new "friends" or request to be a "new friend". I needed this lesson.
The best part of the lesson was learning how to go to Mathias' and Alex's MySpace and being able to see the images posted there. I found this picture of the BRB Capulets. For those who might not know which is Mathias (in case I actually do have non-relative readers!), Mathias is the third from left--the one needing to shave!
MySpace is a link from this blog!

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