Monday, December 11, 2006

Too Many Thoughts; Too little Time

It's Monday. Steve is at the doctor's office having what they call "an annual physical". Like me, Steve goes once every five years--just before the doctor's office is about to drop us from their list of clients!
The weekend was strangely wonderful. I did get to meet Christine Tedesco. I did manage to conquer most of my personal "demons of doubt." I worked in my studio for nine hours on both Saturday and on Sunday. I got two comments on this blog. One from my wonderful sister Wanda in Germany and the other from Dijane Cervaal, an internationally respected art quilter in Australia. I set up my Archeology Project and took photos. We heard from Mathias. I have more to say on all these matters.....but it's's December.....there's holiday framing to do and a shop to run in Steve's absence. I'll post several times throughout the day and likely into the evening, tidbits at a time.
For now, here are the three pieces I created using Janet Kozachek's little Egyptian inspired blue ceramics. I am calling them Icon I, Icon II, and Icon III. The first, and largest, is actually double sided. The back has a collage on it. The frame actually faces in that direction. The front is actually the "back" of the frame, painted blue, and embellished with an assortment of found objects. Some of these came from the roasting pan in which I had collected things for another series. There's bottle caps, beads, buttons, scissors, bells, feathers, screws, wires, a door knocker, a wooden scoop, a safety pin, and just a bunch of odds and ins. Knowing how much I like trinkets of this nature, Mathias sent me (via Steve) a blue bottle cap that says: The Legendary Hobgoblin. It's on Icon III at the top!

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