Sunday, December 03, 2006

Two new pieces

Although I've been frustrated and experiencing various computer irritations, I have managed to work creatively. These are two of the recent pieces I've finished. One on the top is called Strata I. The one on the bottom is called Grid.

I really enjoyed making Strata I and gave it the Roman numeral as I plan to continue with a series. My inspiration is the Archeology Project, of course. I was thinking about excavation sites, the layers of dirt, the accummulations of ancient debris, and the strata of the earth over time. I used dissolvable fabric with recently arrived from The Thread Studio in Australia, my supplier of choice ( I hope to create more, perhaps using sheer chiffon strips of fabric and even placing small object to be trapped between the layers. It could be a really fun, slightly abstracted, series with novel ways of incorporating bits and pieces ordinarily not in embroideries!

Grid is just a whim. I used some of Britta Cruz' handspun yarn with a zig-zig stitch to make the strips of pink. The yarn included dog hair. Britta has since moved to Chicago, so I won't be getting any of her exotic but expensive material any longer. I never intended a series anyway.

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