Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Altered Physician's Book from 1943

Over the past month or so, I've leisurely been practicing my "imaginary text" in an old journal I found in a little used book store. All the pages were meant to be used as a sort of "day planner" by a physician. None had any writing. The book was evidently one of those "freebie" items given to doctor's by pharmaceutical companies.
It was relaxing to freely draw "made-up" symbols. My mind would wander. Then it would land on a plan for the rest of my studio time. I also noticed that I tend to write several little markings over and over. If I keep at this, I'm pretty sure I'll find about twenty to thirty "letters" as if in a mysterious alphabet locked in my subconscious.
Most people say the writing looks like Arabic. I think it's all the shorthand I tried to learn, failed to memorize, and it now trying to find self-expression.

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