Monday, January 29, 2007

Blues Series Goes to Mac's on Main!

Today I installed my Blues Series at the popular jazz restaurant/performance center on Columbia, SC's Main Street. The piece will hang for the entire month of February, which is, of course, Black History Month.
The photo depicts Chef Fatback with the image of my twenty-four early, female Blues singers. I've got two days to create a "map" that can slide under the glass table tops to inform the clients more about the art and about me!
They've promised some publicity, but even if this doesn't quite pan out, it is an excellent opportunity to share my work with a brand new audience. I am absolutely elated. Around 7 PM, I drove home from the studio with Alex (who had been volunteering at CMFA). We went past the storefront and were thrilled to see the artwork from our lane of traffic!

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