Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Dining With Friends and other art!

The last two days have been quite "artsy". My head is still spinning with the rash of activity.
It started yesterday after I had lunch with a friend. We met at Mellow Mushroom in order to indulge our appetite for pizza and because it is just across the street from I. Pinckney Simons Gallery.
After lunch, we went to look at my art in the gallery. I was able to share the Archeology Project with someone who loves history, fine things, and supports art. She purchased Man's Fate, two textiles and a paper piece from the Archeology Project, two spools, and one of Janet's mosaics. Rick whispered to me that it was the largest sale of the show. The amount really wasn't my concern. In fact, I think talk of money so immediately is almost a little vulgar--too close on the heels of art's priceless beauty. What truly impressed me was that someone actually purchased one of my altered books. It is the first such sale I've made. It reassures me that this is time well spent. Someone wants to enjoy my art and the words I've selected to include!
Today I went to the State Museum with another friend, an artist whose work and approach is entirely different from my own although she focuses on using fibers and creating books. Thus, I think we are each among one another's greatest fans. Anyway, we talked and talked. It was a great conversation. One of the subjects centered on the Southeastern Book Art Conference that is coming up this May. Hopefully, I will be able to participate.
Finally, we ended up at Vista Studios because I was meeting Barbara Blau, president of DP Professionals ( Barbara was considering my artwork for her brand new, gorgeous office. She bought Leader at Rest from my African series. We are discussing one of my In Box pieces, a commission, for another space as well. I am to meet with her, in her office, next week.
While in the studio, Margaret Neville and Travis Johnson came to "track me down". They were excited and soon I was overjoyed. Margaret had come to last week's reception and fallen in love with a piece--but for a particular purpose. She and Travis wanted to know if I would "alter" my Triptych and allow them to use it for this year's Dining With Friends poster (they spearhead this charity event). Would I remove the flowers and apply a knife and a fork? Why, yes, of course! So, off they went up the street to buy the Triptych. Within fifteen minutes they'd returned with the piece for me to alter!
I've posted a picture of the Triptych as it looks now. I'll be on the look out for the perfect knife and fork over the weekend in DC and post the resulting artwork later! It's been a good day.
There was bad news though. The little "blemish" that had recently been removed from Steve's face, near the end of his eyebrow, had been cancerous. He now must return to the doctor's to have a little more tissue taken off--just to be safe, just to be certain that no cancerous cells remain behind. Hopefully soon, this will be nothing more than a small scar.

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