Wednesday, January 31, 2007

MVSEVM and David Beck

Joseph Cornell paved the way for artists like David Beck. Beck was commissioned to create MVSEVM to commemorate the reopening of the Smithsonian American Art Museum in July of this year, and Cornell's influence is apparent: when closed, the model takes the shape of the Old Patent Office Building, but it opens to reveal miniature artifacts and artworks as well as drawers containing smaller models. Cornell invited sculptors to investigate the interior space of a sculpture—to investigate its moving parts, its guts. Beck complies. (From the American Museum website.)
In an earlier post I talked about a fabulous piece of art on the second floor of the American Museum in DC. I said I'd research it later. Well, this is what I found. I had hoped for the movie that played on a computer located nearby. A single image is hardly enough to appreciate this work. I was blown away! I was also introduced to William Christenberry's work while in DC and will post more about this later. Still, it was the Joseph Cornell exhibit that influenced me the most. Seeing this show for a second time only reinforced the feelings of meeting a kindred spirit. Cornell is KING!

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