Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Ballet Art

I am part of an upcoming exhibit at Fish Or Cut Bait Gallery in Edisto, SC this coming May. My name was suggested by Janet Kozachek, but I really didn't think it would pan out into a "real" opportunity. It did. I was just contacted, sent a letter, and given schedule for deadlines (statements, images, drop-off, reception times, etc.) Thus, I decided to create eight "quick" pieces. I used my digital images from Varna, tweaked them in PhotoShop, and transferred them onto the pages from an early 20th century book on the History of Ballet. Like my "Life Everlasting Series", I stitched each with beads to handmade papers or scrapes of fabric. Here are two.

I have also started a new "ballet" inspired series. I used water-soluble fabric with some interesting yarns, lots of free-motion machining, and heavy beading. My idea is to create "fabric fit for a fairy". Based on the ballet, Sleeping Beauty, I want to make abstract impressions in textiles for the Lilac Fairy, the Jeweled Fairies (Diamond, Sapphire, Silver, Gold), the Fairy of Darkness, Puss and Boots, Aurora's wedding, Blue Bird, and maybe even the Czarina. I've did several experiments and then attempted "Diamond". It was a success. I'll post images later.

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