Sunday, March 11, 2007

Charity events: Sandhills School and Trustus

Before going to the ballet on Friday night, Steve and I went to the Sandhills School annual art sale and silent auction fund-raiser. I had several pieces from my Life Everlasting series available and one sold. The event was quite nice, well attended, and very organized. Unlike many other school auctions, this one was held in the school itself which lent to the ambiance. The school is a private one for K-8 students with dyslexia and other learning differences. It feels comfortable, positive, and completely worthwhile. In fact, I wish I could have attended such a place as a child. There is no telling how such an environment would have shaped my personality, especially feelings of inadequacy and stupidity. I was never diagnosed, but I look back and know that I, too, suffered from such learning differences.

On Saturday night Steve and I went to the Trustus art sale in the home of our former neighbors Ray Cobb and David Williams. We all used to live on Confederate Avenue. Now, however, their home is on Heathwood Circle. Many people came just to see the house; they weren't disappointed! I was thrilled to be one of the artists just for this same opportunity; I wasn't disappointed either. I had my fiber vessels in the show and sold three. The event was obviously a major success, very, very well attended. I am especially thrilled as the cause, Trustus theater, is such a worthwhile one. In fact, earlier in the day Alex attended the Trustus apprentice workshop and reported that he learned more in those three hours than the past two years in public school drama!

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