Saturday, March 31, 2007

A Fool for Art and Pat Parise's reception

Yesterday I went to Charleston, delivering artwork and restocking pictures at Terrace Oaks Antique Mall. I made it home in time to "dress" for an artistic evening. First, we went to Pat Parise's opening reception right outside my studio door. Some of these pictures were taken there. Then, Alex and I (only had two tickets, one of which actually belonged to Stephen Chesley) went on to the McKissick Museum fund-raiser, "A Fool For Art".

One of my "goddesses" of embroidery, Lee Malerich was there selling her latest found art object creations, fanciful goblets for only $20 each. Alex and I selected six. The evening was fun, visually dazzling, and rewarding too. Two of my three pieces, including an "In Box" sold. By the way, though not a good picture, Alex is wearing the second pair of pants he sewed! He is pictured with artists Marcelo Novo and Mike Story. In another image, Steve is shaking Pat Parise's hand in the atrium outside my studio. Another image is of "goddess" Lee Malerich standing beside a table with several of her goblets. Steve and I are in one photo; I'm wearing my favorite stockings, the Emilio Pucci pair I bought at Stockman's in Helsinki.

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