Wednesday, March 28, 2007


Alex had been telling me about this amazing ruin of beautiful graffiti. On Monday in the late afternoon he and I took the camera and tripod. Sure, I know that much of the work is gang related but I was blown away by the dazzling color, the blend of urban art with nature's greenery, the quietness, the scattered litter, the texture....the feeling of something scared, like a chapel for society's lost and forgotten. Like the Big Trees of Calaveras County and every square foot of Yosemite, this was a location with a worthwhile image from every angle. I clicked off over 150 images within a half hour, trimmed the number to 90. I'm still too close to the experience to narrow it further. These are just a few of the more overall shots and a single detail. I might go back just to stare at the intensity of the Jackson Pollack-worthy action style of painting and the palette of a de Kooning.

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Anonymous said...

Susan, your photos are magnificent. I see exactly what you mean about it having a "sacred space" feeling - such a marvellous mixture of nature and urban. Isis