Thursday, March 15, 2007

People....They never cease to amaze me!

I've met some wonderful people during the past few weeks. Several were in California. After Steve left, I knew no one. Sure, I met Chris Gomez, the dynamo that arranges events at Ironstone Vineyard, but I knew no one else at the lovely reception for the annual juried show. All the artists were given name tags, however, and many simply walked over and introduced themselves. Everyone was so nice. Even the Kautz family members who own the vineyard were more than friendly. Two of the images are of the juried show. My Lord's Prayer Triptych won an honorable mention.

Another picture is from a great yarn shop in Sonora. Weekly there is a Thursday night "Sit and Knit". They graciously let me come with embroidery. It was so pleasant to talk to fellow fiber enthusiasts. I took the picture later in the evening, unfortunately, after several knitters left.

Several of the images are from the Moorcroft Pottery workshop held at Ironstone Vineyard. Elise Adams and Ruth Fairweather had incredible patience trying to teach us how to apply the ceramic slip using a pouch like a cake-icing applicator. We students weren't much better trying to "float" the mixture of glaze/paint/clay into the cloisonne like spaces either! We weren't able to keep our attempts and some of the workshop participants weren't happy. (I was thankful even though mine was easily better than most.) We were actually working on REAL, Moorcroft stamped pieces. The two British girls had only been in the country for about 24 hours. Suffering jet lag, they sweetly taught two classes that Saturday and had two more scheduled for Sunday. They flew back on Monday. It was amazing to see how calm, friendly, and helpful they were.

Yet, the most amazing "people" story happened yesterday, right here at Mouse House. An ex-employee called....not just any former worker but one I had to fire. Firing people was always one of the most horrible experiences I ever had to do. Generally, I'd do just about anything to get the employee to "work out" rather than to let them go. I've lost sleep over such problems. I had nightmares after I fired this one....I was actually attacked, had a fistful of my hair pulled out, and then sued for unemployment (I won, of course; obviously, there were very good reasons for the dismal) Thus, when I heard the voice on the other end of the line, my heart started to race; but, I was listening to apologies, heartfelt; and an update: a life turned over to God; and a request for a mat. I agreed to cut the mat. The former employee came. We had a better conversation that ever in the six years of working together. We even talked about art. This ex-employee brought some incredible decoupaged pieces...papers glued creatively to the inside of hurricane lanterns and large, clear glass vases. I donated several pieces of decorative papers to the cause, didn't charge for the mat, and was sincerely hugged as a parting gesture. I'm so glad I was open to the power of was a strange and marvelous afternoon. People really do shock me sometimes....for all the right reasons!

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