Monday, April 02, 2007

A Bohemian Garden Party: Part One

Steve and I have been lucky enough to have received invitations to the annual spring garden party at Bruce's and Denise's. We hadn't got for the past two years or so, but regretted missing the event. This Sunday, however, the weather was perfect. We looked forward to an occasion to wander around the property, to soak in the sophisticated setting that blends counter-culture, indigenous people, and new world spirits into a living atmosphere for today...I clicked off over 200 images inside of an hour. I parred the number to 100. I will post in three parts...there was just that much to enjoy.

The spring blossoms were at peak. Black and white televisions are set up I have no idea what makes electronics weather proof. I have no idea how to fight dust, clean all the artsy "knick-knacks", or how to throw perfect lighting over so many unique artifacts. I could only marvel at the collection and enjoy the afternoon.

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