Friday, May 04, 2007

Friday: Running the Shop and Playing on the Web

Yesterday evening was our Audubon exhibit at Mouse House. Only about 75 people trickled through the images and there were no sales. I was quite happy nonetheless. Those that came were friends and friendly people. We all had a good time. I know that I'll sell each and every picture, perhaps within the next six months.

This morning before 7 AM Steve headed up the highway to Norfolk. Later, he called from Max's and Erma's restaurant. He was with my parent and Mathias. Everyone was happy; the weather was beautiful; and they missed me.

I had to be in Mouse House all day, but I promised myself I wouldn't cut a single mat. The shop looks perfect, cleaner than on any other day of the year. The show is set up and ready for tomorrow's annual Elmwood Park Tour of Homes. I decided to play on line.

I updated images and some biographical information for two other Vista Studio artists. It is always a thrill when the pictures change on the Vista Studio website. I created "pages" and added to "indexes". I read the "html codes" and resized photos into "thumbnails". I feel almost like a proper "geek" doing this.

I finally decided to do something for myself: get over my fear of web rings. I joined. At this very minute there are three attached to this blog....and two are even operational! Hopefully, the other will work too. I had a blast, as always, surfing from one exciting artist to the next.

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Sharkeysday said...

Welcome to the blog ring world! I find the worst part is to get lost in them for hours at a time! Can't wait to follow your blog!