Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Going to Birmingham, England

Today was a whirlwind of activity. There were pieces needing my framer's eye....work to be done. There was laundry, telephone messages, and all the little details that one must face before leaving the country for a week. Tomorrow, Alex and I head for England to see Mathias dance in Birmingham Royal Ballet's choreography showcase.

I also created a new blog for my family called http://susanlenzfamily.com. This is a place I intend to use for images that aren't quite the type I want on my "real" blog....this blog. Sure, I generally write in a diary sort of fashion...I always have done this...since reading Harriet the Spy while in the eighth grade. But, part of me wants to keep this blog about my artistic pursuits, my professional goals, my daily work as an artist, my influences, my setbacks, my hopes, my work ethic, my life as a fiber enthusiast, etc.

Part of me writes, however, for my family. I had taken photographs during the weekend in West Virginia...more than the single one I posted earlier of my Great Aunt Janet. I wanted to share these...but recognized the limited audience. Hence, the new blog.

This blog has been many things for me. It has served the purpose of putting into writing my intentions. There is something significant about stating a purpose on-line. It is almost like taking a public oath. I have been pushed to greater productivity because of this blog. Recently, I have found a world of like-minded fiber friends. These artists have amazed and inspired me greatly.

Anyway....between cutting mats and designing framing presentations, I managed to create a new blog, download images from my camera, and get ready for a trip to England. Later, I went to my studio and completed the free-motion stitching on two more pieces in the "Elements of Architecture" series. More importantly, I was able to quickly create several new foundations for more pieces in this series....which I'm going to need. These are for the plane ride and the lengthy airport waits and late evenings in Mathias' flat. If I don't get to write during this week, I'll be stitching!

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