Sunday, June 17, 2007


Alex got a job at Subway. His first day was Friday, 9 AM until 3 PM. Steve and I held our breathe all day, suspecting a telephone call to say that he quit or was fired or hated it or something "bad". Afterall, Steve and I haven't been able to make him work more than three hours at a time. We pay better than Subway.

No call. No problem. He walked to CMFA and prepared for the end-of-program performance in which he would be partnering one of the older ballet dancers. Steve and I went to watch at 5 PM. It was a hoot! I took some photos but most of them were terrible...too blurry, poor lighting...I was far away too. I'll post two others on my other blog...

After the performance Alex told us that his next day of work started in the morning at 8 AM. It would last until 8 PM. Steve and I roared with laughter...but Alex made it through the long day. Today, Sunday, he worked from 10 AM until 6 PM! I still can't believe it!


Alis said...

Yup, our kids can surprise us all the time can't they.

Wanda said...

ha ha Good for him!! I'm so proud. It might just turn out that working fits him better than school!! ha ha I can somehow know?! ha ha