Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Skate and Create

I've served on a committee at Saluda Shoals Park ( My friend Dolly Patton is the executive director of the non-profit foundation associated with the park. I've also roped her and her 10-year old daughter Sims into decorating a skateboard for the charity event, Skate and Create. Yesterday, there was another meeting at the Park. Dolly is spearheading an art day for this coming October. I went to the meeting and submitted my proposal to do a burnt felt leaf installation that will include demonstrating that day. I hope I get selected; I'm pretty excited about making all those leaves. I've always wanted to make more than the 100 or so that I've got.

Yesterday, Steve discovered that his bicycle, a tool set, and the weed-eater were stolen out of the garage. He seldom forgets to lock it, but he did. I guess this is one of the disadvantages to living downtown.

Alex is still working at Subway. He's never gotten out of bed as easily in the morning. He's still working on his skateboard but it is coming along. It is due this afternoon!

Shown here is my "Skate Saint" Xerox transfer onto heat transfer painted polyester (front) with the stitched outline over a background that includes painted WonderUnder, metallic foiling, snippets of threads, and a sheer chiffon scarf overlay (back). I'm donating it to the Skate and Create fund raiser which starts tomorrow.


Micki said...

A very lovely piece. I like the mixture of techniques used.

Sarah said...

This is a beautiful piece! Fantastic work!