Friday, June 08, 2007

Stained Glass

Although there is something deeply spiritual in viewing beautiful stained glass in the windows of the churches for which they were designed, it is also something quite amazing to see stained glass in museums, nose to nose. These images were all taken in the Birmingham Art Gallery. Each section was behind plexi-glass but nicely displayed so that the natural light from nearby windows showed through them.

Many of the pieces showed the influence of the Pre-Raphaelites. Edward Burnes-Jones was born and raised in Birmingham. The cathedral's windows were all designed by him. I wish I could have seen them as closely as I could these.

In February Steve and I went to this museum. I could go back time and time again and find more beauty. Actually, that is a statement that could describe most museums!

On some blogs I read, I've come across a statement warning others not to use images without permission. It is reasonable. In fact, I think it might violate copy write laws to use another's artwork. Yet, I didn't create any of these windows. There is also no possible way that I could use all these images (and the many others that I haven't posted), so if anyone wants to use the design or pictures of these stained glass pieces, it is fine with me!

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arlee said...

Loving faces as i do, i may just use some of these--they are achingly lovely.....