Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Strata III, Autumn

I'm nearly caught up! This is especially a good thing because the weekend will be another chance to work in solid, significant blocks of time. I'm on a big deadline to produce enough for the solo exhibition at Francis Marion University. The show is to have two bodies of work: my "In Box" series and my "Strata" series. Since I've sold almost all the "In Box" pieces I've made this year, I've been quite nervous.

I hadn't really started the "Strata" series. Strata I in currently on display in the 50th annual national juried show in Rocky Mount, North Carolina. Strata II was a commission for DP Professionals. I really went out on a limb promising this body of work, but last weekend was quite productive. I managed to spend almost 20 hours in my studios and came up with Strata III (Autumn); Strata IV (Spring); Strata V (Summer), and Strata VI (Winter).

Above is Strata III (Autumn) which looks quite a bit like Strata I. The new pieces, however, are much bigger. All four made last weekend measure approximately 26" x 16" (which my mathematically inclined husband Steve figured out to be 41 x 66 cm). Below is a detail image.

All four pieces are sewn onto linen mat board, have been photographed digitally and in slide format, and are waiting for Steve to build the liners and frames.

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arlee said...

IS this on dissolvable? The layers are facinating!