Sunday, July 08, 2007

I solemnly promise to read my books!

Blogging has been a wonderful experience. I've learned so many new techniques. Various posts have inspired me to create new work. There is a sense of a global community of supportive, like-minded fiber enthusiasts. There is also "commitment". Once I've put an intention into writing on my blog, I feel a positive inner pressure to meet that self-imposed obligation. This is a GOOD thing.

Another positive aspect of blogging has been the thought provoking topics that seem to crop up everywhere...and keep my mind utterly consumed while I'm free motioning on my sewing machine. Books, reading, and inspirations filled my brain yesterday. This was the result of several posts but directly related to a question posed by Sue B on her blog. She asked about inspiration. Quickly, without too much thought, I responded...below is part of that comment:

"Recently, I read the 'confessions' of someone 'tagged'. She wrote that she often 'jumps in' after looking at the pictures...not reading the words, the instructions, etc. I thought that sounded a lot like me...until I fancied a book I saw on another blog. It looked like I book I wanted...a book I should buy...and it looked familiar...then I realized that it was sitting quite unopened on the hope chest that sits at the foot of our fact, there are two books there: Paper, Metal, & Stitch as well as Stitch, Dissolve, Distort. I haven't read a page. I haven't looked at them since handing over my credit card. (I aim to do just this later's about time!)

I must have looked through them in England at the Stitching and Knitting show when I bought them...they must have inspired me...I bought them. I haven't touched them since unpacking my suitcase from the trip. I guess...I'm inspired by the 'memory' of an idea...the imperfect recollection of a new approach."

Well, Sue's question and my response kept me thinking all day yesterday. Somehow, more "puzzle pieces" came together. One of the author's, for example, had a familiar name...OF COURSE! I've been reading her new blog...totally excited about getting an insider's view to the upcoming Valerie Campbell-Harding retrospective!

(Valerie sort of taught me to free motion embroider at a four day seminar in Louisville, Kentucky. I'd only used my Bernina about four times beforehand...after a class with Charlotte Miller at the EGA national in New Orleans. My machine was the class demo machine. Anyway, the class under Valerie Campbell-Harding is still the best workshop in which I've ever participated...even though Ms. Campbell-Harding fell on the first day...blackening both eyes and scraping both arms...she was a real trooper and one of the most amazing people I've ever met.)

Well, the purchase of the two books started to come back to me...the Stitching and Knitting Show in Birmingham...Maggie Grey...a fantastic demonstration of water soluble paper...which I also bought and haven't use. I even took my son Mathias to the show on odd experience of walking around hundreds of eagerly shopping women with a gorgeous eighteen year old male ballet dancer...who immediately fell into a long conversation with Barbara Lee Smith about Merce Cunningham and contemporary dance. Mathias loved the water soluble paper. He thought it was the highlight of the show and encouraged me to buy it. He's been periodically been asking me about it ever since..."Have you used it yet?"

I haven't used it; I hadn't opened the books until yesterday either. This is a situation that absolutely MUST be remedied. So, I SOLEMNLY PROMISE TO READ MY BOOKS! Not just looks at the pictures...but read them! (I've now looked at the pictures...I remember the ideas that flashed through my head when I bought the was the notion that said "work with water soluble fabric" was the inspiration for my Strata Series!)

My first step to this new which I'm publicly posting...was taken last night. I sat down and read Dale's Surface Tension...from cover to riveting cover. It was just in time. During the past five days I've finished the six pieces I started last week and created an In Box using my tacky material. Today, I open the box to the new embellisher...I'm armed with a swirling head of experimental ideas now!

Photos are coming of the completed work...but today it is raining (Thank God!)...I take photos outdoors!


Anonymous said...

No one who knows you would ever call you a procrastinator, Susan. You just had an ever expanding mind and only one lifetime to work with. Beautiful in all you say, think and do. Yours always, Mom

Unknown said...

Me too! I recognize myself here, so many books/ things that I had to buy otherwise....who knows what otherwise. But I shall make the same promiss, maybe it helpes!