Monday, July 09, 2007


This is In Box XXXVI. Believe it or not, there are subtle differences in my In Box the metallic foiling used and occasionally, I use a different cotton thread...though I prefer black. Since the start of the series, I've also used only black chiffon scarves or all navy blue...but recently I've been creating a torn patchwork of multi-colored, frayed chiffon. I love this effect. The photos really don't show the shifting color scheme, but it's there!


Nikki said...

What amazing color, texture and detail. Everywhere I look there is something new and fun. I am anxious to see your step by step process. You inspire me to really stick with a theme and work it over and over. I see so many things that I want to try that I just from one thing to the next. I guess it is all a process of learning and growing.

Jacquelines blog said...

These Box series is also stunning!!!!