Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Backgrounds, Week Three

I'm posting images of some of the "backgrounds" I made this past week. I was going to put them in a "logical" order...but, I'm short on time. I was inspired by pieces made by Nikki Wheeler. Since I've never dyed anything...the idea of using paint as a "dye" never occurred to me. I once bought the entire supply of Deka Silk Paints and Resists from an art shop that was closing. I've only used some of them once...because I'm not really into painting scarves or even "drawing". I also have an antique white bedspread of very fine embroidery. It is completely damaged. Parts are missing. I used the silk paint on pieces. This is one part.

Above is another section of the bedspread...painted with Modern Options "Copper Topper" and then "Blue Patina". Parts didn't receive any coloring. I didn't like this...so, these areas were "dyed" with cinnamon-colored Deka silk paint. Now, I really like this piece.

The bedspread was made in two layers. The heavy, corded embroidery is on the top. This was hand stitched loosely along the designs to a plain background. After I dyed another section with moss green, brown, and golden yellow...I tore the front from the back. This is the back.

I cleaned up blue and purple and turquoise dye using the ultra thin silk from a vintage kimono...it was close by. I'm keeping these results.

I cleaned up the red and ochre and cinnamon dye with another section of the kimono lining...including a piece of cotton. It is pictured with some of the scraps from the bedspread. I like all this together. I might even try to make a "real" art quilt...that could be interesting since I've never really done this either!

Above are a few royal purple dyed silk pod carriers from Oliver Twist. I bought them last September in Birmingham...never used any of them. I was inspired by Kimberly Baxter's blog. She posted beautifully rusted pieces stitched to a background. I had to try this. It was awesome possibilities.

Above is the front of the moss green/brown/golden bedspread section...with fringe.

Above is another background inspired by Nikki...muslim (or as it is called in the UK...calico) free-motioned into small circles and dyed with silk paint.

This piece is also inspired by Nikki Wheeler...but I used scraps of silk.

I also made several pieces using the embellisher. This piece of acrylic craft felt was first colored with heat transfer paint. After embellishing it with wool tops, I added a piece of hot pink chiffon and free motion stitched. I hated it. So...I took my heat gun to it....much, much better.

The final piece I'm posting (yes, there's lots more but little time!) is another piece of acrylic craft felt colored with heat transfer paint, embellished, and stitched.


Annica said...

Awesome! I love #2and #10!

arlee said...

Wow! Busy girl! Love the blues and rusts!

Dianne said...

Wow, there's some great pieces here!! Love the 2nd one, with the flower textures showing through.

Micki said...

Great experiments. I like the silk mop up rags and the pieces from the bedspread.

Jacquelines blog said...

Hi Susan, they are really gorgeous! I agree with Dianne on the second one. This is one of my favourites, the colour is beautiful! When you are starting something, you really do a lot and it always turns out well, amazing...

Nikki said...

I feel so honored to see what you have done with my idea. They are beautiful. I love your sense of fun and experimentation -- so much beauty comes from it. I love how the internet has brought about inspiration for so many people. (Some day I plan on playing with my heat gun!)

Debbi Baker said...

Hi Susan - all your pieces are awesome! I hope you don't mind but I have nominated your blog for an Inspiration Blogger Award. Everything about your blog inspires me and now, having recently bought an embellisher, I am loving all your work on that as well!

StegArt said...

Wow I'm loving each piece here. Can't wait to see what you do with them.