Thursday, August 09, 2007

Final Screen Printing Class

Mathias, Alex, and I went to our final screen printing class last night. It was absolutely wonderful and we created dozens of great images. We learned to "register" our multi-color designs. Nick and Sara, our fabulous instructors and owners of Half and Half Design, even kept two prints to use as teaching "how to do it correctly" not "what to avoid"! Therefore, we feel quite accomplished.

Unfortunately, I accidentally chopped off the tip of my thumb and part of the nail...totally my own stupidity...using a very, very sharp paper cutter. Fortunately, we wrapped it in a scrap of towel and continued with Mathias and Alex working more quickly than I could. They also had to handle all the "cleaning up". It's on my left embroidery will not be affected. I've posted other pictures on my family blog.

Other news includes the fact that my Dad is recovering slowly but surely.


Jacquelines blog said...

Hi Susan, what a bad luck! I hope it doesn't effect you're work and your hand is better in a few days. Maybe you worked to hard? So you needed a rest? take care!

Alis said...

But the course went well and despite the injury you obviously enjoyed it.

Good to hear about your Dad.

Hugs, Alis

Karoda said...

I just screened printed for the first time recently and will be attending a 4 hours workshop next month...your images are filling me will more excitement...thanks...oooo, and sorry for the finger.