Monday, September 24, 2007

Busy Weekend, Part Four

As much as Steve and I had crammed into our weekend by Saturday night....there was still Sunday to wake up to, other places to go, and more art on which to feast ones eyes. We drove back to Columbia in the morning. I stitched in the car.

There were thirty-nine scarves waiting to be tagged and boxed for the Artisan Center. I dropped off my two entries for the South Carolina State Fair juried art competition and drove to Walterboro.

The brand new South Carolina Artisan Center retail space just opened after three days of moving from the older building...which will now be office and classroom space. The hardworking staff was still carting more merchandise, sprucing up arrangements, placing artwork on shelves, and writing sales tickets by hand (computers should be operational later today!) Amazingly, everyone was in good spirits and happily took the box of scarves.

(Above: The area in the SC Artisan Center with my work!)

(Above: My parents, Alex, and his friend on the steps of the new SC Artisan Center's retail building.)

My parents drove up from their time-share on Hilton Head. They had taken Alex and his friend with them after school this past Friday. So, from here, I had the two boys as I continued to Charleston for the MOJA Juried Art Show reception at the Avery Institute for African-American History and Culture.

I wasn't hoping for anything more than the slight chance to confirm that my proposals for exhibition had been received and would at least be looked at. Wonderfully, I was able to talk to the MOJA Coordinator. It's a busy time...with the MOJA festival just starting...but, I'll keep my fingers crossed that perhaps Blues Chapel will be on view this time next year.

I was elated that my friend Lynda English won first place, a purchase award of $1200. I was shocked to be named one of two honorable mentions! The drive home would have been a long one after all the excitement and visual stimulation over just two days...but the boys played "hardcore" music from their iPods directly into the speakers of the car...scary how that sort of ranting, raving, constant beat and fast pace can keep one's hands clinched to a steering wheel! (Okay, they did play some Jesse Cook just for me...and marveled at how my favorite guitarist is really in a class far beyond any of their favorite musicians....another lesson/maybe the same lesson....hard work pays off and quality art takes time and patience and PRACTICE!)

(Above: View of the reception for the MOJA juried art exhibition at Avery Institute.)

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Dianne said...

Congratulations on receiving the honourable mentions - that's fantastic!!! You definately deserve them. What a weekend you all had, and very tiring I'm sure....