Thursday, October 18, 2007

Organization or posting order!

Yesterday I drove to Charleston and delivered framed artwork, still semi-jet lagged, but it was necessary. I do have to work in order to afford travel and fibers! Yet, it gave me a chance to think about the posts I want to write and the thoughts I've had about this blog.

First, I been thinking about this blog quite a bit: what it means; how I used it in the past before anyone read a word of it; how I started using it when people started reading; how I want to use it in the future; the pressures I heaped on myself to post more pictures and fewer words; the thrill of collecting hits and comments; the self-imposed pressure to try new techniques; the overwhelming depression associated with thinking my work isn't good enough because of all the other images on line; why I post; what I want to get out of this experience, etc. etc. etc.

Second, I have concluded that I will keep this blog as it had been before I ever had a single personal, artistic I am happy to share with anyone willing to read. Starting now, however, I will post for mainly for myself...selfishly...which isn't easy to do. Part of me really wants a "community", to "fit in", to "share and compliment others and keep up with 'things' in cyberland". I just can't do all of it. Lately, I've been overwhelmed with a sense of commitment. I need to get back to a sense of self.

The time I spent in London was wonderful in so many ways. One of those ways was absorbing everything just for myself, arrogantly. I had no access to the addictive powers of the computer. I simply looked, made notes, absorbed art of all kinds, and enjoyed the processes around me. I want to record all that I experienced. I want to be able to draw upon the time in England, relive it at the click of a few buttons, and document my feelings...all of them...without worrying that readers might not find interest in ballet or museums or my family.

At the same time, mere words cannot possibly express how much it has meant to me to have other fiber artists interested enough in the work I've created to leave comments and visit this blog regularly. I don't want to disappoint but I must be true to myself. To summarize, I have a lot to record about my recent trip to London. I want to remember. It will require several posts. I'm doing this mostly/mainly for myself. Yet, I am aware of a "public"...that's you, Arlee (and anyone else who cares, like Jacqueline!). So, I've spent all day with my digital images. I'm working with Flickr! to post them all...with comments and tags and (God knows what else)...and I plan to write the following entries...because they've profoundly touched me:

(Okay, many aren't "fiber related"...I'm not a 100% fiber girl...I love my family and have developed an odd relationship to dance as a totally uninformed ballet fan/parent. Ballet season is upon us...or at least me...I've been completely torn between keeping this blog "only about fibers" or "my total artistic journey"'s going to by ALL OF ME. That's ballet and everything...including the trial and tribulations of having a seventeen year old boy riding a moped all over Columbia, SC without informing his parents as to his whereabouts!)

Anyway, the upcoming posts are to be:

Birmingham Royal Ballet's "Strictly Dancing"
Birmingham Royal Ballet's X-rated and absolutely delicious "Edward II" (Mathias is the "X")
The Knitting and Stitching Show, a general view
The Pfaff "Embroidery Challenge" at the Knitting and Stitching Show (Best of the Best)
The Student/Graduate word at the Knitting and Stitching Show
"Friends, Fun, and Family", my time in London
The Victoria and Albert Museum's Textile Department (TO DIE FOR)
The Victoria and Albert Museum: My new FAVORITE museum in the world

It might take through tomorrow, but it is important to me that I record my feelings, inspirations, and thoughts...what my airline ticket paid for...INSPIRATION!


arlee said...

Looking forward to *all* the posts! A plethora of things keeps the blood flowing and the inspiration growing:}
And ALWAYS write for yourself--i had to learn that too----the "audience" helps, but i initially started for myself as well, and am glad i did--can look back and "track" a lot of moods, inspirations, turning points and lessons!

Annica said...

Thanks for all these wonderful posts about your trip to London!

I went to The Knitting and Stitching Show for the first time last year. I was totally overwhelmed! When I got back home I felt empty and I wasn't able to do anything creative for a month. To much input, my mind went blank. I hope this doesn't happen to you!

I also wanted to tell you how much I love to read your blog and look at your art! You are an amazing artist and you don't have to change a single thing to "fit in". I'm happy that you want to share your life and art with the all of us.

Nikki said...

I would much rather read about who you really are instead of what you think we would like to hear. You aren't being true to anyone if you change to please your audience.