Thursday, October 04, 2007

Trying to Catch Up!

I just can't seem to catch up with all the items on my "to do" list. Going out of town is fun, but both work and pleasure seems stack itself into piles waiting for my attention. There's even more to do since I'm leaving for London next Tuesday.

On a recent post, I mentioned being awarded an honorable mention in the current MOJA exhibition in Charleston. I never got around to posting a picture of the piece, Happy, until today. It's from my African Series mostly created last year. I've made about twenty-four or so of these...all based on digital images of genuine West African artifacts printed as giclees and fused to fabric. Each is then embellished with fabrics, paint, and free-motion embroidery. Yesterday, I found a review of the exhibition in the Charleston City Paper. Writer Nick Smith said, "Susan Lenz uses thread, and through stitches explores her own being. Judging by her past work, her inner self is complex, reflective, and comprised of many tiny pieces of yarn." I'm thrilled, of course, especially since I don't know who Nick Smith is but he's evidently seen more of my work than just the one featured in this show.

I did managed to finish my recent work. It's called Elements in Blue: Taking Flight. Thank you to everyone who left comments on it while in progress. To answer a few really good questions: I cover these pieces with very sheer chiffon scarves in order to avoid getting the free motion foot (open or close toed) tangled in the bulky hand stitches (image below was taken during this step.) Also, the finished piece is 32" x 13" (approximately 80 x 32 cm). I'm really pleased with this one since I've not done any like it at this larger size.

One of the reasons I'm far behind on almost EVERYTHING is the fact that I had the problem getting the correct colored felt for making leaves. I will be demonstrating the steps at an outdoor event (under a shelter with electricity!) this Sunday. I need a bunch of leaves already painted and dried, just needing to be melting. I need a bunch to cut away from the felt using a soldering iron. I need a bunch just penciled onto felt and ready to be free-motioned. So, I've been working like crazy trying to finish up framing at Mouse House in order to stitch leaves! Here are two photos. One shows a single, finished leaf in the spot from which it was cut. Each one really shrinks quite a bit. I left a Sharpie marker in the photo for size.

I promise to get around to writing people individually, especially Kate. Since I am about to leave for London, I'd love the opportunity to meet a just fellow fiber enthusiasts while there (especially Kate!)


Gunnels blog said...

Oh, I can see you are very busy! Your work are so wonderful! I hope you get a wonderful time in London!

Jacquelines blog said...

You're new work looks gorgeous Susan. I like the colour of the felt leaves also.

Emmy said...

it is wonderful susan thanks for visiting my blog and the explenation and the lovely words

Karen said...

Very Beautiful! A wonderful work of art. Thanks for sharing the process I am awestruck with this one!

Dianne said...

Your work is stunning!! The leaves look just like Autumn leaves - gorgeous colours.

Elizabeth said...

Elements in Blue: Taking Flight is stunning. What a great series. I'm so pleased for the good review you've received on the piece out of the African series.

Best wishes for the London trip.