Thursday, November 01, 2007

Halloween week in art

Elements in Blue, Doors and Shields was completed this week. It's headed to the Pickens Museum of Art and History this coming summer for Blues Chapel. Everything about this solo exhibition seems to be falling into place. I'm still thinking about Blues Bible, but the pages are all prepared and ready for collaging.

In the meantime, I've made another fifty or so ornaments. The first batch of forty will decorate a tree for a charity event. The next fifty was divided between the South Carolina Artisan Center and to the Sumter Gallery of Art gift shop. I plan to have this group available during Vista Lights, an annual downtown Columbia evening of arts. I probably won't sell many, but maybe later I could trade a few(?).

I've never really understood the trading that I see on-line. Frankly, it scares me. I don't get what the "back" is suppose to look like on an ATC or a postcard. I know the size for an ATC but what's the minimum/maximum size for a postcard? How are they mailed? Does one write on the back? Edging brings up an entire set of questions. Miniature quilts are another subject that I don't get...size, edges, hanging...?

Anyway, I'm now done with the ornaments, having more than I need. It was fun to make them and I enjoyed turning many of my backgrounds into something...anything...since a larger project didn't seem to materialize.

Also included with this post are a few photos from a silent auction/performance by Columbia City Jazz that was held last Sunday afternoon. Mathias once danced for a season with this group. He was nine or ten then. We've always supported them because of the diverse opportunities provided. Many of the students have earned college scholarships in dance. Over the years, the group has traveled to China, Bulgaria, Austria, and Singapore.

Below is Pam Harpootlian, a long time friend whose talented daughter Kate is currently trying to break into a dancing career in New York City, with Artistic Director Dale Lam. Dale's husband is on the sound system. The event was "kid friendly"...a Halloween party with dancing and bargains. Steve and I bought several items....all at very, very good prices.

I remember watching kids this age.....

who are now this age.....Ms. Holden (below) has three semesters left at USC...majoring in mathematics. She's one of the dancers that performed with Mathias when they were both in grade school!


arlee said...

Trading on line can become quite addicting! I have to really stop and think about doing them now, though i've received some fabulous small art pieces in exchange, a nice way to build a small, Small Collection. The hope always is that someone you really admire will articipate and you'll own something of theirs :}
The backs are usually just plain cotton with a title, a signature and maybe an email or the "edition number"; edges are usually satin stitched or bound, or rough. You can mail the postcards, which are a standard 4x6", as long as they have nothing to catch on machinery.
Trades are also a good way to explore new techniques or ideas in miniature, a good way to use up scraps and are fast to do. I actually have a little stockpile on hand now--i do them up when i'm making larger Items.
I'm hoping that you will have lots of pictures when the blues Chapel show happens--it woill be interesting to see all together!

arlee said...

Hmm, i meant "participate"--but i like "articipate"!

Doreen G said...

I agree with Arleea bout trading and I love to see and feel the wonderful textures and ideas that others use in their cards.I have also built up some amazing friendships online because of trading cards and postcards.

Nikki said...

When it comes to trading you don't need to worry so much about pleasing people or making things perfect. In a group, there will always be some people who go above and beyond expectations and others who are still learning and improving. It fun to have an outlet for miniture works that are fun and quick to do. If you ever decide to trade I would love to be involved. I love your work and would love to see it in person.

Karoda said...

I've not visited your blog in awhile but I've scanned some of the posts and will definitely have to come back soon...but I did want to congratulate on being accepted into CraftForms! Its a great accomplishment!

katelnorth said...

Shall I photograph some of the varied postcard backs from my collection, Susan? Really, you can do anything on the back as long as it's not too messy. Paper, card, fabric, a combination - I think basically my requirement there is simply that it be finished, rather than looking like a messy back. With art/journal quilts, I usually just put a piece of plain fabric (by which I mean not pieced) on the back, though sometimes I will do a little more - depends on the piece. I often will use a nice hand-dyed piece, like a parfait (lots of colours) for the back of a small piece. Or something which coordinates with the front - does that help not at all?

Anyway, would love to swap ornaments with you if you have any left!

Oh, and I think we should all adopt Arlee's new term - "articipate" - how excellent of a typo is that.

Debbi Baker said...

Hi Susan - I'm with everyone else - trades are a great way to connect with others and if you ever get to the point where you want to trade - let me know as I'd love to trade with you - ATC, postcard etc. As my son would say "you rock!". My backings are minimalistic - plain backing usually with my name, email, date and sometimes some details re technique, edition etc - but I am open to whatever style suits you!