Monday, December 17, 2007

Photos from England and Tagged.

Today I posted pictures from the trip to England. There's an entry about Coventry and two about beautiful Ludlow. There's also more pictures of the German Holiday Market and another post with shots of Steve and/or Mathias. I put all these things, however, on my Family Blog. Why? I really wanted to post lots of photos...mostly to share with family. This blog is more about my artistic journey. Sure, travel images do inspire me....but, I can always look at them can anyone else! Just click here.

I'm almost caught up...almost ready to take some pictures of my latest work....and I've also been tagged by Vivian. I've been tagged before...last June. Here's what I said then:

1) Both my boys were born on their due dates.
2) I put my husband through graduate school by delivering singing and dancing telegrams in Columbus, Ohio.
3) I graduated from Ohio State University with honors in Medieval and Renaissance Studies (Phi Beta Kappa at age 20). The senior honors thesis was written under the same man that later became my graduate adviser in History of Art. Thankfully, I quit after a year. This adviser was later arrested for taking a pen knife to precious documents in the Vatican Library and trying to sell them through antiquarian print dealers. I think he's now either dead or in prison. (I still adore 14th century Tuscan art!)
4) When I was eight years old (or younger...hard to remember), I spun a gerbil exercise wheel at my great uncle's house and killed a tiny gerbil. For years I thought I was going straight to hell for breaking one of the ten commandments. (I also lied about it!)
5) I take advise from my nineteen year old elder son because he's smarter than me, world famous, and closer to "perfect" than anyone I've ever known.
6) I know that God has a sense of humor because he blessed me with my younger son who is quite like me and very, very difficult...totally unique.
7) I am extraordinarily apprehensive and nervous about my fiber work because I lack an academic background, don't know the name of many stitches, can't make anything "useful" with any of my sewing machines, and haven't read many books (including the ones I own).

Here's what I'll add:

1) I'm afraid of sharks.
2) I hate cranberries.
3) I wash my hair every other week. (Okay, I have to wet it down in the morning and control the curls but it really doesn't need washed more often!)
4) I stopped wearing make-up last year when I got glasses. I love my glasses
5) I prefer total quietness to any sort of music, often working in beautiful solitude for hours.
6) I have forgotten all math past simple adding, subtracting, multiplying and dividing....and I can't figure out a calculator....I do all math by longhand, including fractions for cutting mats. I'm very good at this.
7) I haven't mastered the "clickers" for the I don't watch unless someone's there to turn it on for me. The only TV in the house has a 21" diagonally measured screen; the computer has a 19" one. This is perfect.

Last June I happily provided the list above. I rather enjoyed doing this one too, but like last June I'm going to skip the part about tagging others! Sorry Vivian! It's just not in my nature! (I'm on a campaign to become a "wild animal"....incapable of all domestic tasks and other activities that I don't fancy. So far, Steve is doing all the cooking, laundry, grocery shopping and much of the household cleaning....and I'm not going to tag anybody either!)


katelnorth said...

Hi Susan - will nip over and check out your photos a bit later - but I also have two blogs - one family one and one art one - like you, I mention the family stuff on my art blog sometimes, and anyone is welcome to read either blog, as far as I am concerned, but it makes more sense for me to have the separated - I bet a lot of my family members don't want to read all about my treasures from the Knit and Stitch Show and not all the quilters who come to that blog want to see videos of our new gerbils (which, by the way, I'm never letting you near!!)

Wanda said...

ha ha ha You are THE BEST!!! ha ha I'm afraid of sharks too! I sort of like cranberries though but not cranberry juice. I NEVER felt guilty about the gerbil thing. You're one of the smartest, most talented people I know. I work in silence best too but I stitch with whatever on TV...I'm now watching "50 great horror films"..they forgot to mention they are all from the 40's and 50's and in black and white. What do you mean you do math use your fingers and toes? I cried in the movie "The Odd Couple" yesterday. I am afraid of all insects, especially spiders and lady bugs. I still make excel lists so I don't forget things...gotta get out of that habit! ha ha You didn't tag me..whatever that means...but I wanted to add my two cents!! Happy Grandma's Birthday!!!!

Anonymous said...

2 CENTS FROM SONYA....Ditto on the shark thing....Cranberry juice is my favorite (obviously a gypsy thing I got that you all didn't along with the one eyebrow - which of course is plucked but was once shaved!!)...I never killed a gerbil...and I know you always wanted to kill my little Henrietta!!! I'm not into the silence thing and prefer Reggae or something in the background. I killed a bat by squishing it with a bathmat! I used to collect dead ladybugs (for luck!!)...Math sucks and I don't wanna talk about didn't tag me either, but I probably would have cried if you did (after all, that's what I always used to do when it came to you)!!! hehe