Thursday, January 24, 2008


(Above: Ashanti. Click on image to enlarge.)

I don't even remember where I got this piece of hide; but, upon finding it, I wondered if Sheer Heaven paper would transfer my photo of this wooden African sculpture onto it. It worked! Within a few moments, the results were stitched to an Africa textile. I put it in a frame that I distressed by hand. Hardly any time at all.

While I'm not saying that this is a "great" piece of art or anything, I am posting this after contemplating this link on Arlee's blog. I've thought quite a bit about "slow cloth" and the time it takes to create something and about the ten qualities described so eloquently by Elaine.

I think I managed most of the points:
1) There was joy in the process.
2) I did contemplate the least there was a question and an answer!
3) There is an acknowledgment of diversity and a the rich multi-cultural history of textiles.
4) Believe me, my interest in African art and its incorporation in my work is my way to honor lineage and teachers.
5) No problem respecting the materials...probably why I have these items and keep all sorts of scraps.
6) problem. There's even UV glass in the frame to prevent fading. How could I go wrong with the artistry of West African craftsmanship?
7-9) Beauty, community, expressiveness...check, check, check.

Only one possible problem: Skill and mastery. There's really not much skill to perhaps I mastered it...or perhaps the skill is in the ability to work quickly, make decisions easily, and put materials together...something I take for granted. Not sure here.

In any event. I whole-heartedly agree with others that the time spent or not spent does not determine value. By the way, Ashanti is a name from Ghana; it means STRONG AFRICAN WOMAN. The piece is 9 1/2" x 7"; the frame measures 15" x 13 1/2".


Doreen G said...

This looks great Susan--I love how you have distressed the frame.

arlee said...

How perfect a "natural" matter to transfer to!!! That lifts the piece to even more respectful heights, and truly dignifies the image. Well done!

jonio said...

I LOVE this, every aspect of it. It is beautiful and ancient looking to me. It speaks to my soul. Great work!!


Wanda said...

This is beautiful but very different from your other work. You are so many things all at once.