Saturday, January 05, 2008

Geodes III

I've thought and thought....what's in a name, anyway? I've been calling these pieces "Geodes" what if the first one is titled Strata XI? Thus, the decision has been made...the last one is officially Geodes II. This is Geodes III. The first one will remain Strata XI. Today I might start Geodes IV!

It measures 35 1/4" x 23 1/4" framed and 25" x 15" unframed.


Anonymous said...

Susan, I've just tagged you with a "You make my day" award. Thank you for your work and posts that have been so inspiring to me. It has been a highlight to see blue series progress and take shape.

Please feel perfectly free to pass on the award or not, just as you please.
Elizabeth at

Sonya said...

Okay...the sort of look like....nipples!!! But maybe Geodes is a better name! hehe

susan said...

i like this very much!

Ruth Rae said...

I just discovered you amazing art!
what a fest for the eyes!
thank you for sharing your creatvity!