Tuesday, April 15, 2008


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Steve and I installed Blues Chapel in the Region 2 Discovery Center in Edgefield, South Carolina yesterday. The work went very smoothly and I'm pleased with the atmosphere and overall look of the exhibition. A reception is being planned and the show is likely going to be extended until June 21...at which time I move it (and the rest of the work....yes....there's more for the larger space in Pickens County Museum of Art and History!)

I've written about and posted just about all the work in this exhibition...so, I guess just two photos are enough for this post. If, however, anyone wants to see more, I put additional text and images on "My Family Blog". It is


arlee said...

They look so wonderful all together and staged! Wish i could be there....

Guzzisue said...

this looks so interesting, fantastic job

Jacquelines blog said...

Looks great Susan!!!!

Nikki said...

The exhibit is wonderful. I enjoyed the video. It gives a good sense of the space and shows off all the little details. You are amazing!

jonio said...


This looks so wonderful, I can't wait for the opportunity of seeing it in person in Pickens.