Saturday, June 14, 2008

Friday the 13th...a GREAT Day!

Steve and I picked up the cute little rental truck on Thursday. It really is "little" when compared to the twenty-six footers and the tandem axle tractor trailers that were also on the lot. We drove to Edgefield and attended the very, very nice closing reception for "Blues Chapel". It was the first time I was ever interviewed by a newspaper reporter...and it happened TWICE...two different publications in the area!

Early the next morning we dismantled "Blues Chapel". Our rental truck looked like the photo below. We drove to Pickens.

Rarely have I been treated as wonderfully. The entire staff helped unload....from Allen Coleman (directly below), the executive director to every other available staff person!

Steve and I excepted to unload, move into the room, and install everything ourselves. It would have taken hours of back breaking work. We were ready....but...what happened was quite different. The bulk of the unloading and moving was a group effort. Dan (pictured below) made everything so much easier...especially since he's actually going to be the one hanging everything! All I had to do was lean things against the walls on which I wanted about how I wanted it to look...not even worry about the signs or tags or lighting. The church pew wouldn't fit into the elevator or easily get up the narrow Dan unscrewed it...we carried it...and Dan assembled it again. He's a real gem...and amazingly he's from Ohio (just like me) and graduated from Slippery Rock University (the college where my Dad taught until the town in which my parents and two of my sisters now live...and my mother had been its mayor when Dad was in school there!) It is a small world.

Steve and I left the Sealevel Gallery looking like these photos. We had time for a relaxed, late lunch before our drive back to Columbia. I can't wait to return for the opening next Saturday will be an "unveiling" even for me!


Wanda said...

This is like a transformation of a blank, empty room into your creation. The picture of Dan is really sort of goes along with the theme, I think. Looking forward to more pictures

Doreen G said...

I can't wait to see what it looks like when finally all is hung.
Good luck with it Susan

beadbabe49 said...

they sound like real professionals and just plain nice folks too!
I would love to see this in person some day...

Karen said...

Amazing to have everything moving along so well. The place looks like it was MADE for your installation! Congratulations and I cant wait to see the pictures of the big event.

Sue said...

So glad the move went so well. The reception augurs well for the show, and the space looks wonderful. Wish I could be there to see it.