Sunday, July 06, 2008

Crazy Blues....the beginning

(Click on image to enlarge.)

Time is an issue in my life. It is slipping by so quickly; I'll never have enough of it; Organizing it is a daily ritual. While busy with my new series and finishing a potential "commission", I knew I had to plan carefully. I can't take any of this with me on the plane to England next week. Also, my studio is now closed for a week. The gallery floors were in terrible condition. They needed sanded, primed and painted. Below is a photo of my friend, the ceramist Jeff Donovan, priming the bare spots on the floor. So, I started a new project, a crazy quilt! It is perfect for all the stitches I've learned and will be learning through the TAST challenge! It's a crazy quilt with a xylene transfer of Mamie Smith. Mamie Smith was the first African American to record a Blues song....CRAZY BLUES.

I used scraps of blue material in my studio....snippets from old Austrian dirndl dresses and aprons, parts of a vintage quilt sash, an handkerchief Mathias brought back from Japan, an Indian scarf I accidentally tore, and assorted material in my "stash". It's 39" x 33" which is small enough to roll up into my big travel purse. I will be able to use my time during the next week and a half most effectively! I'm thrilled and plan to post image of this piece while in progress. (Maybe this new piece will be me to submit "Blues Chapel" to another venue!)


Wanda said...

I love that we get to see a work in progress! And your quilting...well, leave it to say that you could finish MY quilting project about 10 times faster than I am going to finish it!! It is beautiful! I hope you submit the Blues Chapel to another venue. It is so beautiful and "holy".

Doris said...

LOVE the crazy quilt. I have a great book about crazy quilts and the stitches they employed...I'll try and remember to email you the title of it. I hear you about the time thing...but at least you work fast...some of us aren't nearly as productive as you!

Aussie Jo said...

I can't wait to see your stitching on the crazy quilt, it's looking gorgeous already. Re the time issue, I think it besets all of us. One of the quotes I have written in my diary is "there is just enough time for the important things" It's all about priorities and looking at time in a positive way, and working your butt off!!!!