Tuesday, July 29, 2008


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Poet. Stitched words: I Married Bert. 23 1/2" x 18 1/2". Xylene transfer on tea-stained muslin. Hand embroidery and beading.
(Below: Detail.)

This is one of the first portraits I knew I wanted to create. Ed and Bert came to Artista Vista and saw my installation Decisions. I asked Ed right then if he'd pose for the new series. Immediately, he said "yes". Ed spent most of the summer doing research abroad and immersing himself with the Irish language; but, once home, he sent digital photos and I went straight to work.

A poetic laurel wreathe would have been a bit "over the top" but I knew I wanted some sort of embroidery that would indicate the spiritual significance of a sacrament. I know that Ed and Bert's marital vows are just as important to them as are the ones Steve and I pledged to one another. Despite the fact that South Carolina doesn't recognize these vows, Ed and Bert made a life commitment....an important decision. I am so pleased to include this in my series and I'm quite happy with the result.

By the way, Ed Madden's new book Signals is doing very, very well!

Signals is available everywhere! It's in its second printing. Barnes and Nobles, Amazon, etc. all have it! I understand that Ed is giving a poetry reading at Gallery 80808 for our 80808 on 80808 show. I'll miss it though. I'll be in Sweden at the Embroidery Symposium. (I can't wait!)

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Wanda said...

Such beautiful beading, Susan. And an important addition to the Decisions collection. To make a decision means also holding your head up high in the face of ... well, in the face of so many things. A life commitment is mind boggling, if you think about it. Hats off to all who travel this road...to each and every one of us.