Tuesday, July 01, 2008

TAST and my first non-CYBER FYBER ATC trades!

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Serendipity plays a large and wonderful part of my life....even since going through Julia Cameron's book The Artist's Way about four summers ago. I guess it was always there, but I didn't seem to notice, let it in, and celebrate how "one thing just leads to another" in some sort of miracle fashion.

Well, I got a CYBER FYBER request from a trader for her young daughter. I had to turn it down because I really don't want to get involved with securing private mailing addresses from under aged participants...even when I know it's "okay". To illustrate the decision, I mentioned that I didn't trade with my friend Doreen's granddaughter Ebony who has traded with dozens of stitchers. I suggested a non-CYBER FYBER trade but never heard back. Yet, this got me thinking about Ebony and we decided to trade. This is my first, official NON-CYBER FYBER trade. Doreen asked if we could trade too. Their wonderful cards arrived in today's mail. I'm not telling which one created which piece because they are both BEAUTIFUL and very sophisticated! Thank you both so much!

I scanned these trades with this week's TAST stitch....the Cretan Stitch, which I've seen at the Textile Museum in a show about historical Greek and Aegean embroidery...but have never done. It was fun! Although I started TAST just a few short weeks ago, I can say that "serendipity" must have been involved because I'm starting a new project that will involve crazy quilting. Yes, I know I have my "Decision Series" underway and am working on a commission...but I'm also going to England and need something for the trip! "One thing just leads to another!"


Wanda said...

Anxious to see the new TAST. I'm fascinated by it. Also..could use your help. Have you ever heard of a sewing machine that the owner could not oil it? Well, that's what I was told today, that I HAD to take it in for service to get it oiled. The manual, as it is, doesn't mention it and I couldn't find anything online either. Where exactly do I oil it? It's running really great...now that I regularly change needles and I clean it all the time. But aren't you supposed to oil the things too?
Thanks for any help!

Doreen G said...

Glad they arrived safely Susan--it was our pleasure to swap with you.