Saturday, October 18, 2008

Another week at the MacNamara Foundation!

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My time at the MacNamara Foundation is going by at the speed of light. I've learned many, many things about the larger world of art but also about myself. I really could stitch all day, all evening, every weekend, all the time, for the rest of my life....and never exhaust my own creativity or my passion for needle and thread. In fact, my ideas just seem to expand. Having this time is wonderful. Being around other artists is fascinating. If possible, I must find a way to incorporate more time in my "normal" life. Also, learning "art ease" or the ability to communicate effectively in a group of non-fiber artists is essential. I'm working on this....with a list of nouns, verbs, and adjectives that will hopefully become part of my daily sentence construction! With practice, I'll soon sound like I belong in artistic conversations! One of my "new words" is EXECUTE....and nothing dies! This blog post concerns recent work EXECUTED at the MacNamara Foundation!

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Westport Island Series: Acorn Cap Double Vessel. I couldn't be more pleased with this piece! In fact, I'm totally thrilled. The two vessels I made and covered with acorn caps fit together perfectly. I didn't even realize this until both were finished....a few stitches more and they became one, wonderful vessel.!

Above is the cording created by zigzagging over five strands of acrylic yarn. This cord is zigzagged into a vessel. Unfortunately, my Bernina 1630 went out of alignment right after I finished. The needle do longer enters the bobbin casing in the proper location. Steve, my wonderful husband, actually borrowed the neighbor's car (he'll only got the moped while I'm in Maine) and sent my Bernina 1008 via FedEx Ground! It arrived in two days!

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Westport Island Series: Single Shell. Embellished ground. Wool fibers under sheer netting. Hand beaded.

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Westport Island Series: Beaver. Embellished fibers, fabrics, yarns and real beaver fur. The fur was clipped from one of the roadkill discoveries. I'd never been so close to a beaver before. They are awesome animals. Silently, I told the poor corpse that he'd not died in vain because I'd use the fur to create something lasting!

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Westport Island Series: Chipmunk. This is another example of roadkill art. Oh, yes, I'm not the only artist here being influenced by roadkill! The photographer, Lisa Robinson, is creating amazing cynotypes. This chipmunk was used for several of these images. Lisa and I buried the little body on a bed of leaves and with a nice acorn. I clipped some of the tail fur which is embellished into the background. The silhouette was based on one of Lisa's cynotypes.

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Westport Island Series: Birch Trees. This piece started as a piece of embellishment. I liked both sides equally well so cut it into strips. I reversed every other strip and embellished them back together on while felt. Finally, I stitched a piece of real birch bark onto it with a bead.

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This postcard and ATC were made to replace a CYBER FYBER trade that unfortunately never arrived in New Michelle Goldsmith. I hope she likes them!


Karen said...

I am picking my jaw up as I type this. Amazing work! Your acorn vessel is so earthy and wonderfully texturial! I cant even believe that you thought to do it, amazing and inventive etc etc.
I would throw in some good art-speak here but I will spare the internet that mess.
Right now I just want to go out and pick up long pine needles and incorporate them into some earthness of my own, You inspire me so!!

Magpie's Mumblings said...

I believe jealousy is one of the 'sins', but I can't help it! I'm sooo jealous of your wonderful retreat and am quite simply blown away by the sheer numbers and the astounding creativity you have put forth. You go, girl!!

Scrappy Cat said...

You are really doing amazing work there! That acorn vessel is really cool, and I LOVE the birch trees. I think everyone needs to do what you're doing!!

Doreen G said...

Wonderful work as usual Susan-
You have been so productive on this retreat--I don't know that I could produce the amount that you do.I think you have thrown the timing out on your 1630--all that zig-zaging was too much for it.
Like MA said "you go girl"

Wanda said...

I can't do the "artist speak" but I CAN repeat what others have already said...amazing, jealousy, wonderful. Those words aren't really "big" enough. I am also blown away. I hope you don't leave us to go live at an artists colony or something like that. We need you here!!!

Annica said...

Susan, I've said it before and I'm going to say it again. You are amazing! The amount of work you've done and the quality just blows my mind. Love the Acorn Vessel and the Birch Tree is wonderful!

Miss 376 said...

Lovely way to use acorns a lovely piece, and the postcard and ATC are fabulous

Janet McNulty said...

Susan - your acorn vessels are just awesome!

Micki said...

Wow, I really love that acorn vessel. You really have been very productive at this retreat and created some wonderful pieces.

Libby said...

Your acorn vessel is fantastic. I have to tell you how much I love the new work you've produced in Maine.

Jacquelines blog said...

The vessel looks gorgeous Susan. I looks a bit African.

arlee said...

I'm in total jealous awe---of the time and place you have, of the incredible work you are doing and of the directions your work is taking.
You have arrived--NEVER NEVER NEVER think now you aren't "good enough"!

trillium said...

The acorn vessel is fantastic! It's a great use of natural materials.