Monday, October 13, 2008


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Atheist. Stitched words: Atheist. No Creator in the Sky; No Damnation...just Evolutionary Phenomena. Xylene transfer on tea-stained muslin. 25" x 18". Hand embroidery. Smaller words: I just don't believe that there's anyone out creator with a plan...No being watching, listening, guiding us through the darkness. God just isn't one of my stories. There is no God...No Meaning in the Chaos.

Maria Robinson is one of the other artists experiencing the generosity and time provided by the MacNamara Foundation here on Westport Island, Maine. She is a writer. She excels in strong characters, evocative phrases, and attention to significant details. She went with me to see the Come Springs Quilt show in Union, Maine which made the day trip so much fun. I got the chance to see the work through her eyes, explain construction methods, and simply to talk during the drive. Maria's an atheist and the perfect person to articulate this decision to me.

Though I don't pretend to understand this decision, Maria was easily able to convey her thoughts and feeling in a way that made stitching this piece not only possible but a joy. I don't want any value judgments reflected in these works....even my own. I want each piece to be a straight forward depiction of a personal decision. I want each person presented in a flattering way, and I'm really, really pleased with how this one turned out. It was also the first time I've created a piece with the model present! This also added to the overall feeling and the excitement over each stitch. Maria's husband visited over the weekend. He, too, said I'd captured Maria. What a compliment!

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Now to change the subject entirely! My cell phone plan now includes the ability to call England! This means I finally got a chance to talk to Mathias in Birmingham....and scold him for not sending me any recent photos with his brand new iPhone. He laughed. He's busy. The season has opened but he found time to click a few buttons for me to receive the image below: Laura-Jane and Mathias ready to dance in Concerto!


Tricks said...

Hi Susan,
At last I see a lovely picture of Mathias. I didn't realise he was coming to the UK. So he is doing very well in his career.
You are doing some wonderful work you lucky thing, I would love a residency. You deserve it though with all the hard work you put in.
I love the Lichens.
It's great to hear what you are up to. Do keep in touch. BW Tricia

Anonymous said...

How lovely to see the two "canaries". Mom

Mary Jo said...

Oh, Susan, your work is a joy. The mosses -- oh, my goodness. And the embroidery. And the Atheist piece. Each one lovely, lovely.

Wanda said...

Another great addition to Decisions. And yes, quite flattering for them both to say ...they, you "captured" her!! And you said it right...the decisions portrayed are not yours, they reflect that persons. And you did an awesome job reflecting their decision, not your own. Wow...I'm such a fan of this series!!!

Wanda said...

Pushing a few buttons can be quite time comsuming, you know. KNOW better than to try THAT one!!! ha ha


One time I 'decided' to bite my arm and say that my sister did it and it left a huge if you ever need a new subject....hehe Great work.