Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Raising the Barre...article in Lake Murray Magazine

(Click on image above to enlarge. )
Above is my very favorite photo of Mathias dancing. He had just turned seventeen and was competing in the IBC Helsinki competition. Former dancer turned photographer Jonas Lvndquist snapped this image during the contemporary round. The piece is called "Hunter. The choreographer is Joe Istre. Mathias won bronze.

This photo and others appear in this month's Lake Murray Magazine. I've posed the full article on "My Family Blog". Click here to read it! It was written by my friend Cynthia Boiter who is also writing for CYBER FYBER!


Karen said...

what a fantastic photo!!

IDESIGN said...

Susan, wonderful, wonderful stuff!
You must be so proud of Mathias--and of ALL that you did with your time and freedom at MacNamara! I looked forward to your colorful posts each week--the body of work is stunning! I cannot wait to see some of those pieces in person.

These are beautiful photographs of Mathias!
I read the article about Mathias and Columbia dance professionals--very nice, and thought I might mention that one of my CURRENT projects is the new Band and Dance Facility at the University! Maybe Mathias can come to critique it, the next time he is in town! Its consruction is well underway--and may be completed by his next visit to the States!

Glad you have made it back safely, and I am looking forward to hearing about your 'journey!'

Welcome Home!


Wanda said...

Welcome home Susan! This was all timed just as it was meant to be. You still have time to get the Christmas stuff done. TIME MANAGEMENT. Or make a list. That's what I do...I have lists for just about everything. And it is very satisfying to scratch something off! We missed you!

Colorfuldayz said...

Incrediable Photo!!