Wednesday, December 10, 2008


(Above: Two for the for the self-addressed, stamped envelopes!)

Although I've already received many ATCs for the International Random ATC Swap to be held on ATC DAY, Saturday, January 17 at CYBER FYBER, I have officially created a blog for this purpose now! It is here! Anyone can participate! There's no restriction on age, location, or artistic medium! The deadline is obvious! ALL ATCs MUST BE RECEIVED BEFORE JANUARY 17, 2009!

To join in, here's what to do!
Mail up to three ATCs to:
2123 Park Street
Columbia, SC 29201

Include a self-address, sufficiently stamped envelope for each ATC you send. If you are located outside the USA....send the envelope with stamps from your own country! We will be bundling those headed to each country and mailing them to a volunteer who will drop them into the postal service!

I personally covet this ATC created by my mentor Stephen Chesley. It is called Lagoon. It is in his catalog as # 10,624. Stephen is one of the professional artists with studio space at Gallery 80808/Vista Studios, 808 Lady Street....the location for CYBER FYBER. If you haven't seen Stephen's work, check out this blog post I wrote....with images of the studio and catalog!

There are some other wonderful ATCs created by other artists at Gallery 80808/Vista Studios already in the box....waiting to be swapped!

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katelnorth said...

Hi Susan - if you need a volunteer to be the UK person to drop the ATCs in the post, I would be happy to oblige... You may have someone lined up already!