Thursday, December 25, 2008

Lake Murray Columbia Magazine covers CYBER FYBER

Columbia is the capital of South Carolina. Our largest newspaper is The State and it publishes a monthly magazine called Lake Murray Columbia. Actually, there's a "northeast" magazine is exactly the same except for the cover. Both magazines feature CYBER FYBER inside....but the Lake Murray Magazine has an image of my wrapped nails on the cover! It came out on the same day that I received notification from HANDCRAFTED, the national fine crafts juried exhibition in Rocky Mount, North Carolina. These very nails and Bessie's Quilt were accepted! I'm thrilled with the coverage! Interest in the exhibition is building! To read the article, click here.....I've posted it on the CYBER FYBER journal!


Anonymous said...

This is VERY exciting! It's really going to be something! I can already imagine that there's going to be cameras and newscasters there and everything! What are you going to wear? Got to think of that too you know!!!

Hope you had a nice Christmas. I absolutely love the scarf. It is awesome! And it even stays on...I think because it has the elastic in it at places. I love scarves. This one is not only beautiful but it stays on. I'm so excited!

Love to everyone. Oh..I had to write as anonymous because I have no idea where that 'at' symbol on this stupid keyboard is!!! Obviously, I'm not at home!! ha ha

Karen said...

Indeed it is very exciting to see it all coming together! I just went and took a quick browse through the postcards and left comments here and there. Wonderful job Susan!!!

Elizabeth said...

You are to be congratulated on this project Susan!! From start to finish you have worked so very hard and the installation is still ahead of you!! Wish that I lived closer I would be there to help, even if only to be a gopher to get coffee and lunch!!!
You really have been amazing with unflagging energy and an amazing vision!! Big Congrats on the Handcrafted Acceptance as well, though I am not at all surprised, but very impressed!!!! youa re going to have an amazing 2009!!
Big Hugs!
The ornaments that you whipped up look amazing!!!!