Monday, March 09, 2009

Decision Portraits blog updated!

I've been tracking several leads for portraits in this series. Hopefully, some of the trails will pan out into finished work. In the meantime, I'm stitching on Foreigner and From Preaching to Teaching. While I work, I think about future places to which I could submit this series for an exhibition. I've sent a few proposals already....but I'll send more...until the work gets a proper show! I've also been thinking of new

On Fighting Cancer I, II, II, IV.
On Aging I, II, II, IV, V.
Draft Dodger
Letting Go
etc. etc. etc.

For more information, please just visit the Decision Portrait blog....I'm looking for all these people. I can work long distance with anyone who has Internet access. I'm open to new ideas, modifications on any of the themes, etc.!


Susan Nash said...

I looked over your list, and I didn't see one about living with addiction; as a parent who has a child that has an addiction problem it is a constant source of worry/grief. I'd love to work with you on something to this effect, if you'd like.

Terry said...

Love this series! Another suggestion from a personal situation: letting a developmentally delayed child live in a foster home.

Chris said...

I have a developmentally delayed child... Letting them live in a foster home? I don't even understand that. But there is a situation that has a lot of possibilities for you. Why not contact a DD person and see what they think?

Chris said...

Just to add: It isn't that I don't understand why you would let a developmentally delayed child live in a foster home. There must be 100 reasons. It's just how do you LET them? I thought that was something that the court FORCES you to do. Feel free to enlighten me, anyone.